Middle School


(I’m in sixth grade at the time, and we just finished discussing compound and complex sentences. We are going over a worksheet with a substitute.)

Sub: (Reading) I went to the store because I wanted to shop. (Asking one student) Does this sentence need a comma?

Student 1: Yes it does.

Sub: Correct. Okay, next question.

Me: That isn’t right.

Sub: (To the class) Does anyone else disagree?

(Nobody raises their hand.)

Sub: It is two sentences combined by “because” which is why it needs a comma.

Me: No, it is a dependent and independent clause which is why it does not need a comma.

Sub: Why don’t you have your regular teacher explain it when she gets back?

(We continue to debate this for some time.)

Me: (Getting angry.) Do you want me to show you my notes?

Sub: Fine.

(I’m a fairly disorganized person, but I eventually find them and show them to her.)

Sub: Oh, I guess you are right.

(The teacher came back the next day and part of her lesson plan had to involve going back over the worksheet in the previous periods whom were taught incorrectly. I became infamous for an obsession with being right and a short temper.)


Middle School

(On one of the first papers of my middle school career, I notice a circled sentence marked with a notation telling me I shouldn’t plagiarize material. My grade on the paper is still good, but I was a bit of an overachiever, and the note rather hurt my feelings. I went to see the teacher after class.)

Me: Mrs. [Teacher], um, I wanted to talk to you about my paper…

Teacher: Yes?

Me: Well um, you circled this sentence here, and I wanted to ask if it had affected my grade.

Teacher: Well, I had to take a few points off for that. You ought to know that plagiarism is a serious thing, and you should never copy another author’s writing.

Me *beginning to cry, as I’d never been accused of cheating in my life* B-b-but… I wrote that sentence! It didn’t come from anywhere but my head!

Teacher: Wait! Oh my goodness, don’t cry! I’m sorry! The sentence was just written so well, I thought there was no way an 11-year-old came up with it!

Middle School, Technology Class


(Kids in technology class are whistling and the teacher is getting very annoyed telling them to stop. He gets up, and walks over to a kid who didn’t do anything and points at him.)

Teacher: You’re getting DIS!

(Innocent Kid says while smirking a little) Innocent Kid: What? Why?

Teacher: Because you brought this into my class, and you’re gonna pay for it!

(Kids all laugh, Innocent Kid didn’t do anything at all in that class, but got DIS anyway.)

High school


(My friend had to arrange something important during school and is therefore late to the next class. I’m in my physics when she walks in. She wants to walk past me to the teacher, who is talking to another student.)

Me: “<Friend>, you don’t have Physics”.

<Friend>: *Stops, confused* “What?”

Me: “You don’t have Physics with me. You’re in the wrong class”

<Friend>: *gets out her phone to check her schedule* “Huh, what do I have then?”

Me: *Instantly, off the top of my head* “History”

<Friend>: *Finally finds her schedule* “Oh shoot, you’re right. My teacher’s gonna kill me” *rushes out of the class again*

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