Sydney, Australia

We are sitting in our classroom waiting for our teacher to arrive, to pass the time someone starts throwing an eraser around. It lands on my desk, I pick it up and lob it across the room. It hits another class member right on the side of the nose.

Classmate *looks around the room ” Who ever threw that has good aim”. Then starts laughing.

High School


Note: My physics teacher is trying to pick students to come up and do problems on the board. Whoever gets the number closest to the one he’s thinking of is the one who gets to pick first.

My Physics Teacher: Pick a number between one and five.

Me: Three point five!

My Physics Teacher: Pick an /integer/ between one and five…

High School


(I’m in science class and I’ve just finished a test. We have a substitute teacher. We are also in a room were there is a classroom and a computer room, with a door in between. After the test we are told to go on the computers and finish off other work. I should also note that I have Aspergers and the teacher has to write a note to the sub telling her this.)

Me: *stands up to ask sub a question

Sub: *points at me* Um, excuse me, could you please stop trying to communicate with the other students.

Me: But I’ve just been working, I haven’t talked or moved my head once.

Sub: One, I’ve seen you talk to others and two, could you not back-chat me. *Points to a table in the classroom* Go sit over there with your head on the table and sleep.

Me: Wait, what!?

Sub: You heard me.

Me: But Miss, that’s stupid.

Sub: Well you shouldn’t have talked.

Me: I DIDN’T TALK!!! *walks out*

(With Aspergers, I have trouble controlling my anger so I decide to leave and sit out with a classmate that “communicated” with students too.)

Me: Man, she’s a bitch

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